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Pricing & Booking

Welcome to our Pricing and Booking page.

Below is the starting price for the Key Stages (KS).

If you are new here, please visit our contact page and fill out the Admission Inquiry form to get started.  Here
Our dedicated team will get in touch with you about the registration process.

Please fill out your payment details in the Book Now section below for us to confirm your payment. Upon confirmation, we will schedule you for your chosen package.

Key Stage (KS) Prices


Enter the payment details accurately.
All confirmed payments will be processed, booked and scheduled for lessons.

Choose the package you paid for.
If you choose 'Others', please enter only the figure of the amount paid.
Enter the pupil/student's Full name. Enter the First name followed by the last name.
Enter Pupil/Student Unique Number
Enter the bank or name of institution where payment was made
Enter the Date payment was made
Bank Payment Reference / Transaction Number
Choose whom the payee represents.

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